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Women's Empowerment Therapy Group


Downingtown Office


Thursday Evenings 7:00-8:30pm


$50 per session

About the Group

The Women's Empowerment Group has been designed to offer support and strategies for women facing difficult relationships, loss, abandonment or grief. This group aims to offer techniques to help manage ongoing emotional distress and build healthy self-esteem, increased confidence, and healing. It will offer psychodrama exercises to facilitate catharsis, resolve inner conflict resolution, and gain self-insight. The group will also teach breathwork and meditation training to empower participants in processing distressing emotion.

This group is co-facilitated by Vincent Gallagher, M.A., J.D., and Hope Jann, PA-C.

Vince is a Master's Level Therapist with experience working with trauma. He utilizes a compassionate and authentic approach along with techniques of psychodrama, and meditation. He also offers clients a unique resource as a retired Family Law Attorney.

Hope Jann is currently a masters-degree-level counseling intern at the Peacemaker Center from Eastern University. She also works in Psychiatry as a Physician Assistant. Hope has a passion for people and an interest in helping individuals, couples, and families shift their lives.

When does this group meet?

Every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30pm, starting on January 26, 2023.

Where does the group meet?

The Peacemaker Center Downingtown office in the 1st Floor Conference Room.

How long is the group?

It is a 90 minute Group ongoing weekly

Attendance Commitment required?

No, members can come weekly or whenever they choose.

Fee for Group:

$50 per session.

Your Instructor

Vincent Gallagher, M.A., J.D.

I bring 30 years of experience to individuals and couples seeking assistance, therapy and healing. These areas include individuals struggling with General Mental Health concerns including Depression & Anxiety as well as couples seeking greater fulfillment in their relationship. Some challenges I am equipped to assist you in include Addictions, Relationship issues, Self-esteem issues, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Divorce recovery and Family law issues, to name just a few. The most important indicator of a successful outcome for anyone entering counseling is their ability to trust their Counselor. I have faced many difficult issues in my own life and know how challenging seeking effective help can seem... I hope to empower and support you to find the solutions you seek. I believe you will find me compassionate, nonjudgmental, insightful and therapeutic. I respect and admire you for asking for help, and I will work hard to ensure you the best possible outcome!

Vincent Gallagher, M.A., J.D.


To enroll as a participant, please complete our online Appointment Request Form noting the group you are interested in joining. For more information or for help with registration, please email:

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