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The Peacemaker Center Seminar Recap

A little less than a month ago, The Peacemaker Center had the amazing opportunity to put together an event to reach an audience within the therapy and mental health community. We were delighted to introduce Curt Thompson MD as our guest speaker for the event, as he delve into shame and grief, trailing from his books The Soul of Shame and The Deepest Place. Even without reading the books, his captivating words left all the attendees inspired and educated on how to use your relationship with God to help break through those troublesome times we all experience. He was great to see in person as he brought intelligent insights, tears and laughs to the whole crowd. Thank you Curt, and thank you for everyone who helped make this event happen including Willowdale Chapel for hosting the event, Serving Leaders for the sponsorship and Eastern University with providing the CEUs for all attendees who qualified. We also want to thank all other sponsors and attendees, for making the turnout what it was. We hope to host another event in the future, so stay tuned for posts and updates that are

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